ZyXEL NSA310S 1-Bay NAS and Media Server

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Digital libraries are growing larger and it is becoming more of a challenge to keep all of these files together. ZyXEL’s NSA310S 1-bay DLNA Certified NAS storage and media server gives you a way to backup, playback, and download all of your files freely no matter where you are. With hybrid cloud capabilities, you can be assured that whether private or public your data will be managed efficiently and securely. It has never been easier to have universal access to all of your media files at home and on the go.

Hybrid Cloud for Public or Private Cloud

While cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Memopal and others make data storage easier, the ZyXEL NSA310S takes it to another level. The NSA310S consolidates all of your clouds into one service while the ownCloud feature allows you to centralize all of the cloud data and offers fast local access to all your networked devices at home. You can make your data public or private and be assured that your private local cloud data is extremely safe.

Mobile Apps for Easy Access

The ZyXEL NSA310S utilizes several mobile apps that make storing and sharing data easier. With zCloud, you can collectively view and access all your multimedia contents on your network storage with your mobile device anywhere you go. ZyXEL zMedia makes configuring the NSA310S as simple as can be including system status monitoring as well as file browsing and media playback. Polkast integrates with iTunes and gives you access to all of your files while also allowing you to edit photos on your mobile device and save them back to the NSA310S. With Twonky Beam gives you a simple and familiar way to discover and enjoy Internet videos with your mobile device and beam then to your NSA310S. And finally ownCloud provides universal access to all of your files via the ZyXEL NSA310S no matter where you are!

Play Media Server Contents on TV

The ZyXEL NSA 310S can be used as a library for all of your favorite television shows and movies as well as all of your music. Utilizing DLNA Certified playback devices such as smart TVs and game consoles, you can turn your smartphone into a remote control for all of your entertainment! Utilizing mobile apps like Twonky Beam, BubbleUPnP, Avia, and Samsung TV Media, the NSA310S provides instant access to all of your favorite media.

Green Features

The ZyXEL NSA310S provides several green features that save you money and the environment through energy conservation. With the power scheduling feature, the NSA310S can be turned off automatically based on usage patterns and needs. Hard disk hibernation allows the NSA310S’s internal hard disks to automatically spin down when there is no data transmission after a while. The NSA310S’s smart fan technology allows it to run at slower speeds when the system temperature is low. Wake-on-LAN enables users to turn on the NSA310S and access media files remotely anytime and anywhere, even when the device is powered off at home. These features combine to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

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