Synology DS215J  DiskStation 2-Bay NAS Server
Synology DS115J DiskStation 1-Bay Diskless NAS
WD My Cloud EX2 10 TB
Synology DS215j DiskStation 2-Bay Diskless NAS
Synology DS214SE DiskStation 2-Bay Diskless NAS


Welcome the Just NAS – all what you need for your perfect nas experience.

We have selected the best and most reliable NAS (network attached storage) systems on the market, some of them tested by us and found to be good and recommendable.

So what is a NAS, do i need one?

A NAS system is rather a small & simple computer offering disk space in the first place. It is not only handy for companies, but also for SOHO and private users. It’s good for storing your files in a central place, so you can minimize data redundancy. It is easy to access the data form different clients, not just windows, mac and linux computers, no you can even peek at your files with most mobile devices out there eg. android smartphones and tablets, iphone and ipads, sometimes even with a windows phone.

All Data, everywhere

If data availability is important for you, a NAS is the right way to go. Imagine you got all your files on your local computer, what happens if one day your disk drive dies on you? Ok, you got a backup somewhere, probably on an external usb disk. Ok, it’s some weeks old so some files are missing, but could be worse.Some other files eg your pictures and music are backed up on some cds so you can copy them back to your new computer as well, it just takes you some hours to days restoring your very own “data life”.

But what if your files would have been saved to a NAS? Just plug a new Computer to your network, get the shares reconnected and off you go! No data restoring, no fiddeling with backups or cds, just go back to work! And if you get a NAS with 2 or more drives (highly recommenden!!!) you can add some more reliability by mirroring your drives with a Raid 1. In that case your NAS has at least 2 drives and the data gets copied from one drive to another, all the time. If one harddisk of this mirror set fails, you still got all your data and can continue working, like nothing had ever happened. Of course you should replace the failed drive as soon as possible, because if the second drive fails as well, your data will be lost, obviously. So a NAS is usually NOT a replacement for a backup but rather a tool for data availability!

Keep your data safe

Many nas systems offer you the ability to keep a backup from all or just selected data on an external server in the cloud. So you have all your data at your place, and it just get’s copied to an external drive. In case your office burns down or all your computer equipment gets stolen or broken you still have the data in a “safe” place somewhere on the internet. (Safe just in the purpose of “available to you”, not like safe for not getting accessed by anyone else!)

Multimedia server and more

And there are hundreds of other magic things even the most simple NAS can do today: starting from serving media to your DLNA clients like tv or dvd/bluray-player, iTunes server, squeeze-center, usb print server, ftp server, web server, dhcp server, private cloud… the list goes on and on and on…

Which NAS suits you best depends on many different facts. If you are unsure what to buy, just ask us, for free! We’ll help you select the best combination of NAS and harddisks just for your special needs.

And now have fun exploring the best selection of todays nas systems on JUST NAS!